Why exhibit?

To exhibit at SEMICA is to :

Increased visibility

By exhibiting at SEMICA, you can increase your company's visibility in the African mining, oil, gas and energy industry. It is a unique opportunity for your company to gain exposure and strengthen its reputation in the industry.

Networking opportunities

SEMICA offers a unique opportunity to meet key industry professionals, investors and policy makers. By exhibiting, you can make valuable business contacts and expand your professional network. 

Exhibition of products and services

SEMICA is an ideal forum to present your products and services to visitors and industry professionals. You can showcase your latest technological innovations, current projects and discuss the future of your business in the mining, oil and gas and energy sectors.

Investment opportunities

SEMICA attracts investors from all over the world, looking to invest in the mining, oil, gas and energy industries in Africa. By exhibiting at SEMICA, you can attract the attention of potential investors and discuss projects and investment opportunities. 

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